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Event Time : 1.00 PM till 7.30 PM (Coffee & Tea Breaks whole day, Dinner served)
Tag collection : 3rd August 2013, 10.30 AM till 12.45 PM
Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (Hall 2 - Conference, Hall 3 - Exhibition)
Tickets : RM 150 per pax
Speakers Profiles
Peter Sage - Principal and Chairman of Space Energy Group 

Peter Sage, Principal, is a visionary founder and Chairman of of Space Energy. A serial entrepreneur, having launched, operated and brought to success multiple companies, six of which were large enough to qualify for the Entrepreneur Organization membership. He bring to Space Energy twenty years of experience in growing fast-paced enterprises, typically by identifying and creating value propositions to leverage relationships and access required resources. As a frequent public speaker on businesss topics he is well placed to effectively communicate the vision and developments of Space Energy to the rest of the world.

Peter is an expert in personal development and a qualified trainer for Robbins Research International. He has travelled internationally to mentor and train people from diverse backgrounds (from super achievers and successful businessmen to the homeless, drug addicts and abuse cases) and bring those skills and concepts to the creation and development of the rest of the Space Energy team.

He has been featured in various entrepreneurial publications, and was recently nominated for the prestigious "Extraordinary Lives Award" by the largest social entrepreneurs’ organization - XL Nation. Peter is a philanthropist and an active supporter of multiple charitable causes and serves on the Board of Advisors for INSEAD - a global top five business school and one of the leaders in the field of entrepreneurship education.
Antony Evans – Co-founder of Glowing Plants 

Antony Evans has an MBA with Distinction from INSEAD, an MA in Maths from the University of Cambridge and is a graduate of Singularity University’s GSP program. He is both a Louis Frank and Oppidan scholar and worked for six years as a management consultant and project manager at Oliver Wyman and Bain & Company. Prior to this project he co-founded the world’s first pure mobile microfinance bank in the Philippines and launched a mobile app in partnership with Harvard Medical School.

In what they call the “first step in creating sustainable natural lighting,” a group of innovators coming out of Singularity University have launched a Kickstarter campaign to create glowing plants. Admittedly the idea of replacing street lamps with glowing foliage will seem far-fetched to many. But after just three days the campaign has gone viral, already having surpassed its goal of $65,000.

The core team includes OmriAmirav-Drory, a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford and founder of the gene building startup Genome Compiler, a Singularity University company coming out of the rapidly expanding Singularity Labs. Also part of the core team is Kyle Taylor, a biologist who teaches Intro to Molecular and Cell Biology at the biohacker space BioCurious. The three have now joined forces at Singularity University.
Ee Soon Wei- Heritage Preserver, Royal Press Malacca 

A great-grandson of the Royal Press, a printing company founded in 1938 by family patriarch Ee Lay Swee, is on a mission to revive and enliven this beautiful but dusty printing haven. He wants to pass on the traditions of this amazing method, as well as preserve an extremely special family history. Soon Wei is working on creating new letterpress products and organizing guided tours by collaborating with local and international designers, artists, writers and community organizers whilst preparing a Revival Plan to restore the press to a living museum, one in which artists can work and live in residency for a couple years at a time, where tourists to the beautiful and artistic UNESCO city of Melaka can visit the space and learn about this ancient printmaking method, and where the heritage and story of the space is celebrated. The Discovery Channel even filmed a documentary of the Royal Press.

Soon Wei also went to Taiwan to view the world’s only complete set of traditional Chinese character molds made out of lead. The travels and ongoing conversations with members of the Ee family sparked off something within Soon Wei’s heart. He was deeply moved by his unlettered grandmother’s entrepreneurial spirit. Soon Wei hopes their collaborative efforts will one day transform the Royal Press a must-visit place in Malacca and an educational hub for rejuvenating the craft of letterpress.
Cheryl Tan & Az Samad – Jazz Vocalist & Guitarist-Composer 

When vocalist Cheryl Tan and fingerstyle guitarist Az Samad decided to collaborate, they wanted to showcase music that was exclusively buatan Malaysia. Their repertoire spans from vintage pop to recent hits, from P. Ramlee classics to musical theatre and even art music.

With a love for the eclectic and the influences they absorbed while living in America, they combine their creative energies to make sincere music. Looking from the inside, then as Malaysians abroad and now as returning artists, they seek to explore Malaysian art and culture through their music.

Join us as we celebrate music that is our own, reimagined in this intimate setting of guitar and voice.
Rizal van Geyzel – Standup Comedian, Goodflers 

Rizal van Geyzel (apparently his preferred stage name), has finally found his, as quoted by HarithIskander, “big balls” in doing stand-up comedy once again after 5 years of being out of the country and far away from the Malaysian comedy scene. Five years ago Rizal who was somewhat known to be the ‘other’ comedian apart from Harith and JitMurad, left for Miami, Florida to supposedly “study” Hotel Management at Johnson & Wales University.

Now having graduated and only worked in ethnic restaurants in Miami with Mexican folks, he’s back in his home country of Malaysia with a new set of eyes and has found somewhat of a perspective on Malaysian living and ready to hit the stage again! A regular at TimeOut Comedy Thursday, he began to shake off the cob webs in leaving the stage with the crowd still chuckling at some of his Eurasian/Malay antics (having born to a Chinese Dutch Father and a Turkish Malay Mother, Rizal is generally confused with what he is exactly).
Jonathan Buford – Founder of Makible, Low Cost 3D Printer 

Jonathan Buford, being the driver behind the business, handling strategy and core development management, in 2011, Jonathan Buford along with Felix Lam founded Makible which enables digital manufacturing by developing 3D printing and related technology for people to create, design and build products.

Based in Hong Kong with a dedicated 3000 square foot facility for both development and production, Makible is able to deliver digital manufacturing machines and supplies with a streamlined process. They foresee providing print on demand and digital content in the future as well as applications for creating relevant content.
Red Hong Yi – Artist Architect 

Hong Yi is a Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Melbourne, and was awarded a Melbourne Abroad Scholarship to study at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, which broadened her perspective in European arts and architecture. She was Australian national finalist in the SONA Superstudio competition in 2009 and2010, and received the Elenberg Fraser award for Best Presentation in both years. She also received Special Mention for the AA Prize for Unbuilt Works 2010, and featured in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Architecture Australia Magazine.

She is also known as the artist who 'loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush'. Her painting of Yao Ming with a basketball and Jay Chou using coffee were Youtube hits, and she was featured in media around the world including Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, ABC and the Daily Mail. Her other work includes portraits Ai Weiwei using 100,000 sunflower seeds and Zhang Yimou with 750 pairs of socks and bamboo sticks.

She was recently invited to speak in Monterey, California at the EG Conference, which is known as the premiere gathering of and for innovators in media, technology, entertainment and education. She is a currently working in the Shanghai office of HASSELL, an established Australian architecture firm. She absolutely enjoys being an architect by day and an artist by twilight.
Gopi Sekhar – Inventor, Sekhar Research Innovations
Gopinath B. Sekhar has over 27 years of work experience involved in Trading, Rubber and Palm Oil processing. He now runsSekhar Research Innovations (SRI) which was founded by Malaya rubber technology legend, the late Tan Sri Dr B.C. Sekhar.His production process experience ranges from installation and up-grading capacity to running a wide variety of large production units. He spent the last decade with specific involvement in rubber technology, development of processing technologies and application solutions. Having personally developed several new proprietary technologies of commercial significance related to rubber recycling and incorporation of recycled content into value added applications focus of activities are primarily in Rubber

He has then co-invented numerous technologies with late Dr. B.C. Sekhar that would apply very well in glove, condoms, catheters, devulcanized compounds, cost effectively large batch of tire crumbs with consistent performance and introduced recycled automotive scrap fibre for automotive & furniture upholstery applications.
Kosal Khiev – Poet, Tattoo Artist, Survivor of the US prison system
KosalKhiev is a poet, tattoo artist, and survivor of the US prison system. Born in a Thai refugee camp, Kosal’s family fled to the U.S in 1981. Kosal’s family left the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge war for the promise of peace and prosperity in America. Instead of the American dream, Kosal’s family lived in grim public housing with scarce social services. Kosal admits to making poor choices as a teenager that led him into more violence, poverty, and eventually prison. At the age of 16, Kosal was arrested in a gang fight and charged with attempted murder. Kosal was tried as an adult and sentenced to 16 years in a state penitentiary.

While serving 14 years in prison he discovered spoken word poetry from a former Vietnam War veteran. Spoken word became his creative channel to tell his own story and transform his anger, regrets, and experiences into a poetic art form. Upon release in 2011, the U.S. government deported him to Cambodia, a country he had never been. Since his arrival, Kosal has used poetry to uplift his situation, with compelling performances at NERD night, The Body Open Mic series, and Mao’s. Kosal has also been selected as the first artist-in-residence with Studio Revolt, a new media lab based in Phnom Penh, where he is collaborating on “Spoken Kosal: Verses in Exile,” a series of short films featuring his poetry.

He cites Rainer Maria Rilke, Etheridge Knight, Tupac, and Eminem as some of his favorite poets. He has additionally lectured at the Royal University of Phnom Penh on the topic of US immigration and its juvenile detention system. He hopes one day the U.S. will repeal the unjust deportation law so that families can reunite. Until then, Kosal lives as an exiled American in Phnom Penh where he continues to share his story and art at open mics, universities, and public stages.
Zung - Award Winning International Photographer
Zung grew up in a fisherman’s family. Depressed at his sister’s passing at the young age of 18 years old, he dropped out of college at the age of 21 during Asian economic crisis. He then found his passion in photography and set up his company THE PHOTOZ when he was 24 years old. Without any formal photography and arts education background, his work blossomed and propelled him to be one of the favourite photographers for the high society and Malaysian royalties. Some of his captivating works came from capturing moments of the family of the Prime Minister, royalties including the wedding of Tuanku Zara & Raja Nazrin -The regent of Perak, and many prominent personalities.

Labelled as the only photographer in Malaysia and probably the world, he has experienced shooting weddings in 6 continents across the world and more than 30 countries. Zung is also celebrated as a personal and official photographer for Anthony Robbins since year 2009, who quotes "Zung is the most amazing photographer I’ve ever met".

As an international photographer, Zung grew his portfolio with amazing shoots such as Donald Trump (California 2012) , Dalai Lama (Melbourne-2009), Andrea Bocelli (2010). He has also been on an 'Around the world' photo assignment in 6 weeks (6 assignments/6 cities/6 continents 6 weeks/6 lenses/60,000km travel distance), and a challenging photo assignment in 2012 for a Swedish explorer, starting from the Antarctica (the South Pole), and 100 days later, arrived at the Arctic Circle (North Pole), shooting the midnight sun.

He has many accolades up his sleeves he was awarded the PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR by WPPM and judges many photography competitions, namely, the Canon Photo Marathon Asia, Treasures of the Rainforest, Swiss luxury watch – Jaeger-LeCoultre. A believer in promoting the idea of "no dream is too big" through his photos, humble background and talks, Zung encourages youngster to "believe, work and achieve their dreams". He speaks not just on his passion but demonstrates his charitable side too with visits to schools in Zambia, Africa to contribute to improve school conditions, went on a World Vision trip in north Thailand, sponsored ‘Beauty and Hope” photo shoot for Burmese refugees, and lastly by donating RM 15,000 proceeds from the sale of the photo "Jumping Maasai" to Hospis Malaysia.
Prof. Jafri Malin Abdullah – Neuroscientist, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Jafri Malin Abdullah is a professor of neurosciences and currently heads the neurosciences department of Universiti Sains Malaysia. He received the Young National Malaysian Scientist Award in 1999 for inventing an endoscope used to operate the brain, while he was under the tutelage of professors Jacques Caemaert and Luc Calliauw from the University of Ghent, Belgium. He was awarded the Diploma of Certification of Specialization in Neurosurgery, and later, obtained his PhD in 1995 (Magna Cum Laude) from the same university.

He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and the European Stroke Society. On the international level, he has served as a committee member of the Neuroscience Program Network, International Brain Research Organization, and president of the Malaysian chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.
His work is currently focused on functional neurophysiological monitoring for neurointensive care, microstimulation for deep brain stimulation for movement disorders, intraoperative monitoring, and epilepsy surgery. A small component of his research also touches on neurooncology and stem cells.

He supports the 'Decade of the Mind', an international initiative to help advance the scientific understanding of how the mind and complex behaviors are related to the activity of human brains and neuroscience research.
Robest Yong – Inventor, Smartphone for the blind
Although many people dreamed to be an inventor as a kid, but Robest Yong went ahead and became one.

While working at a printing press and toying with the idea on producing a better rubber stamp, the result was the invention of the Polyclone instant rubber stamp which won him an award (the first of many more) at the International Invention Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland in 1994 and named the Malaysian National Inventor of the Year. This invention enabled rubber stamps to be produced within five minutes, became commercially successful and is now widely used bookshops and stationery shops worldwide.

Since then, Robest has been producing multiple inventions from fertilizers to a water cistern, magnetic brush, luggage detector, mosquito glue and even probiotic plant nutrients.

Living up to his motto "Thinking Without The Box", with the collaboration from ’1,337 Ventures’ a startup accelerator in Malaysia, they are now embarking on the challenge to enable visually challenged people to join in the smart phone and apps revolution.
And more speakers to be unveiled soon ...

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